Wanted: SAP manuals in ePub format

Every time SAP comes out with a new set of pdf manuals, the meta data has to be corrected. Often the stored titles, description, etc are wildly wrong. Very sloppy and unprofessional for a mega corp the size of SAP. The ePub book format has...

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SAP Sybase IQ: How many connections are in use? SOLVED

Very simple question. Very simple answer. select @@max_connections as 'max_connections', count(*) as 'active_connections', (1 - (@@max_connections - count(*)) / convert(numeric, @@max_connections)) * 100 as 'percent_active' from sp_iqconnection(); Output: max_connections active_connections percent_active --------------- ------------------ --------------------- 350 68 19.4286 @@max_ connections: For the network server, the maximum...

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