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Perl DBD::Sybase and signal handling

There appears to a bug with DBD::Sybase or perhaps Sybase OpenClient ctlib (threaded) that causes custom signal handlers to segfault.  This tripped up a monitoring script that I wrote. I’ve asked the perl module maintainer, Michael Peppler, whether this is a DBD::Sybase bug or an...

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Finding suspect indexes in Sybase ASE

Problem: ASE does not use an index on a table because it is marked suspect Index id 2 on table id 864003078 cannot be used in the optimization of a query as it is SUSPECT. Please have the SA run DBCC REINDEX on the specified...

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HOWTO: Fixing a raw device misconfiguration

If you were observent in the Mapping Linux LVM and Raw partitions blog post, you probably noticed that there are two raw devices pointing to the same logical volume raw -qa /dev/raw/raw1:  bound to major 253, minor 7 /dev/raw/raw2:  bound to major 253, minor 8...

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Mapping Linux LVM and Raw partitions

Scenerio: We need to determine what device a raw partition resides on and the size of the partition.  We know that this box uses the Linux Volume Manager (LVM). Solution: Getting this information is easy if you are root or have the /usr/bin/raw binary set...

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stderr, local block and redirection

I’m running into an annoyance that I find rather purplexing. Maybe it is the fact that the closer I get to my wedding, the more my brain is shutting down that I can’t seem to see the problem. :-p I open the STDERR descriptor in...

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the syb_flush_finish parameter in DBD::Sybase

When I was looking up the syntax for a parameter on Michael Peppler’s DBD::Sybase perl module, I ran across his explanation of the syb_flush_finish parameter.  I just had to explain what was being reported to him 🙂 syb_flush_finish (bool) If $dbh->{syb_flush_finish} is set then $dbh->finish...

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