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str_replace function (ASE

Starting in ASE v12.5.0.3, we can use the str_replace: create table #test (name char(255)) go insert #test values ("NOULE NOULE NOULE NOULE SDLKJFL:JLKJ JJJ KKKH SDFLKJLIEWRH:LSIUH:LSDKJF") go 10 OUTPUT: select * from #test name ———————————————————————————————————————————— NOULE NOULE NOULE NOULE SDLKJFL:JLKJ JJJ KKKH SDFLKJLIEWRH:LSIUH:LSDKJF NOULE NOULE...

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Reorg ‘with time=’ – counter intuitive

The "with time = " feature of reorg currently will loop on the table until the time limit is reached. This is in no way intuitive and serves very little in functionality for smaller tables. Keep in mind that most reorg operations are scripted and...

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Sybase ASE bug 428591 causing outages

report from user: Did some extensive testing… problem appears to be with the sybase userid.  I connected via SQL Programmer to DSN=MY_SERVER;SRVR=MY_SERVER;DB=MY_DB;UID=XXXXXX;PASSWORD=XXXXXX; then tried to run sp_AddEntry 5464,"Jason Test","12345","localhost","asdfasdf","20-Sep-2005 12:32:43" it failed… no errors from Sybase. Further analysis revealed that this ‘hanging’ was only occuring...

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