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I’m working from home today and when looking for examples of a certain perl module, I ran across the blog Geek Philosophy by Chris Simmons.  He covers several topics and programming languages but seems to be drawn to the Perl language.  As I read his blog, I discovered that he in engaged to Melanie and will be married in 2007.  Congrats to both Chris & Melanie!  If you wish to congratulate them, see the details of their impending wedding.

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  1. Hi Jason, thanks for plugging the blog! I should actually get around to posting more than once a month.

    You’re correct that I’m drawn to Perl – I’ve work with it professionally in the last two years, and it’s now the language I’m most familiar with (though I’ve still got a long way to go).

    If you didn’t find what you were looking for RE: Perl, I highly recommend checking out PerlMonks (http://perlmonks.org), which has tutorials, module reviews, Q&A sessions, and more.

  2. No problem Chris! 🙂

    I’ve been on Perlmonks.org for a couple years now. It is an excellent site for perl programmers of all degrees. The best things about Perlmonks is the comradery of people doing the same thing as you and the fact that they are pretty understanding about the simple questions that elude us all from time to time.

    There are other sites like Perl Mongers and the Perlcast podcast.

  3. Hah, of course, that’s why I recognize your name – I’ve seen you on Perlmonks before.

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