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Partitioned tables and update statistics

Did you know that if you have a partitioned table, that running your normal update statistics or update index statistics does not update the statistics for the partitions?  Many dbas forget to perform update partition statistics on their partitions.  Sadly, neither Sybase or Rob Verschoor...

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Avoid using Movable Type hosted by Yahoo!

Way back on September 13th, 2006 I raised an issue with Six Apart, the company who makes Movable Type, and Yahoo!.  (The customer service people at Yahoo! told me to contact Six Apart as Six Apart wasn’t being responsive to Yahoo!’s techicians)  The issue is...

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FW: Top 10 Fashion Suggestions for (us) Nerds

While creating Fashion4Nerds.com, we interviewed over 30 young women between the ages of 18 and 32 about their likes and dislikes when it comes to guys’ fashion. We even asked them to give special attention to why they consider us Nerds unfashionable. Here are their...

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FW: Guide to fixing a laptop power jack

Fixing a DC power jack on your (or someone else’s) laptop can be difficult. Not knowing what you are up against is a sure sign that you won’t ever get it back together. However with the proper steps, repairing a DC Jack can be accomplished...

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Has anyone seen these tables before?

They’re obviously for monitoring but I’m suspecting it is for some repository. When we ran across this database my immediate thought was that it was for Sybase’s Enterprise Application Server (EAServer / Jaguar)… second thought was for BMC Patrol but neither panned out. At this...

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