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Sybase TechWave 2007 Papers – FINAL CALL!

The final call for Sybase TechWave 2007 Papers ends tonight at midnight pacific daylight savings time. Get your paper in! TechWave 2007 Call for Papers Now Open! Learn More Would you like to share your Sybase solution with hundreds of conference attendees? If you’ve solved...

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Sybase ASE: Helping indexes work better

Drew Montgomery wrote up an excellent description of how to use indexes more wisely: There are times when it seems that the optimizer just doesn’t “get it”. In other words, it doesn’t use what seems like an obvious choice for an index. There are several...

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FW: CaseXpress Beta

March 19th, 2007 by bruce.armstrong Sybase has opened up a beta of the CaseXpress portion of their website.  If you have a support contract and have been frustrated by CaseXpress in the past, here’s your chance to give them feedback that will make your live...

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A standard Iterator super class for Perl?

I’ve been reading Mark Jason Dominus‘s excellent Higher Order Perl during my wife’s weekly Stitch & Bitch meeting. In the pursuit to get going on using Iterators, I started looking through CPAN and Perlmonks for a ready made Iterator class that would be a superclass...

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Monitoring Databases – what’s wrong with that?

Most database monitoring systems aren’t from the database vendors as you might think, but a hodge-podge of 3rd party vendors that seem to want to charge more than I make in a lifetime for database monitoring software — try finding low cost monitoring software for DB2...

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From my wife….

I’m in shock. Happy happy shock. Jason and I just bought a house. Well, we aren’t done.  We haven’t closed yet.  But we did put down a deposit, and get our financing approved.  We won’t close until September, when the house is actually, um, built. ...

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