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Sybase WorkSpace Videos

I was looking through the help docs of Sybase Workspace when I ran across a link to the Workspace Videos. For anyone that wants to take a look at Workspace before purchasing or downloading the Evaluation: WorkSpace Eclipse Environment Overview High level overview of the...

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FW (Slashdot): Google Releases MySQL Enhancements

Developers: Google Releases MySQL Enhancements Posted by CmdrTaco on Wednesday April 25, @11:19AM from the what-an-exciting-morning-this-isn’t dept. An anonymous reader noted that “Google has released its internally developed enhancements to MySQL to the open source community this week. Changes include improvements in replication, high availability...

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Replication Server Exception List Deleter (updated)

As you may remember, my good friend Ken Rearick created an excellent stored procedure, rs_del_all_exception, that safely clears out old exceptions from the RSSD database. Ken has just sent an updated version to me. B-) IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.rs_del_exception') IS NOT NULL BEGIN DROP PROCEDURE dbo.rs_del_exception IF...

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Sybase Employees that SHOULD write a blog?

Are there any Sybase Employees that you wish would write to a blog? There are a number of Sybase Employees that I wish would (not a complete list): Wim ten Have – he almost single handedly ported SQL Server 11.0 to Linux during his lunch...

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A skill every techie needs to have!

How to Wiggle Your Ears We all have muscles that will move our ears around a little bit. The general consensus is that the ability to wiggle your ears is thanks to one gene, which has been turned off for some people, though, most of...

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Sybase Workspace and Subclipse

If you try to add the subversion plugin Subclipse to Sybase’s Workspace version 1.6 or 1.7, you will receive the following error: To work around this problem, you need to start Eclipse.exe directly, usually located in your %SYBASE%\Workspace\Eclipse directory. Go to Help -> Software Updates...

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