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Task-Focused Programming with Mylar video no longer works.

On the web page http://www.eclipse.org/mylar/start.php
Webinar: Task-Focused Programming with Mylar by Mik Kersten (56 min, Oct 2006)
5-15 min: task management demo
15-30 min: task context demo
34-40 min: technology & frameworks

The adobe link is http://adobedev.adobe.acrobat.com/p46246963

What happens is that that the web page comes up (flash) showing:

Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional: Connecting…


The status bar on the firefox is showing “Read admin.abobe.acrobat.com”.

This is occurring on Linux (Firefox 32bit), Windows XP SP2 IE 6 and 7 – latest flash player on both platforms.

I’m suspecting that either the webinar is no longer available or that the video server is unavailable for some reason.

I’ve opened a ticket with Adobe to investigate the matter.

UPDATE:  The problem now only occurs with flash on the Linux platform.  It works fine on MacOSX.

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