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Flying into Las Vegas, Nevada for Sybase Techwave 2007

Hi everyone! 🙂

After a horrible flight (I really really hate United Airlines – I swear this is the very last time I ever fly with them. Fly the Friendly Skies my a$$.), I arrived at the Mandalay Bay Resort for Sybase TechWave 2007.

If you came last year, the inside of the Mandalay Bay Resorts looks awfully like Caesar’s Palace did. So much so, that you will have strong feelings of déjà vu. For that matter, the Rio did also. Is this a common thing for Las Vegas casino/hotels to do?

A friend of mine told me that many of the casino/hotels like Caesar’s Palace and Mandalay Bay have hidden cameras in the rooms for security reasons – that if there was any issues, the tapes are reviewed by security staff. I don’t know if that is true of just an urban legend. I guess with cameras being so tiny now, it would be difficult to locate any without a radio frequency detector (try getting an RF detector through airport security and I bet you will disappear to Guantánamo Bay.)

I met up with fellow TeamSybase members at the TeamSybase dinner tonight and was able to have a bit of food before the food was taken away. Damn you United Airlines! The best part of TechWave, and I can say this will hold true even on Friday when I return to Chicago, is that my good friend Loren Corbridge, project manager of Sybase Workspace, knit two baby stocking caps for my wife’s and my munchkin. A red stocking cap for a new born and a blue stocking cap for a year old. THANK YOU LOREN!!! I’ll be posting pictures of these beautiful stocking caps tomorrow.

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