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Sybase Blogging.. BOO! Update your blogs more often!

John Graham Bill Jacobs
Integration Evangelist – Last post April 12, 2007

John Graham Bret Halford
ASE Principal Product Support Engineer – Last post March 26, 2007

John Graham David Wein
ASE Software Architect – Last post May 11, 2007

John Graham Duncan Rigby
Integration Software Architect – Last post March 14, 2007

John Graham John Graham
Chair Eclipse Data Tools Platform Project – Last post I don’t know because the date is screwed up on the blog.

John Graham Mark Matson
Ingtegration Software Architect – Last post April 2, 2007

Yes, the “Ingtegration” is misspelled in Mark Matson’s job description and should be corrected. I notified Sybase about it back in April. Same with John Graham’s date blog issue.  Neither has been fixed yet.

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