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FW (Mike Harrold – ISUG Executive Director): Take the ISUG Survey!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes of your time and ask you for
feedback about ISUG. Please take a moment to complete the ISUG
Survey at:

http://my.isug. com/index. php?module= survey&op= respond&sid= 20

More than 80% of the people subscribed to this mailing list are not
members of ISUG. We are very interested in hearing from those
people, especially as to why they are not members. So, if you are
included in this group, please do take a moment to share your thoughts
with us.

As a special thank you, upon completion of the survey you’ll be given
a discount code worth $10 off a new membership (or a membership
renewal) for the Silver and Gold benefit packages!

You will be prompted to login when you click on the survey link,
unless you are currently logged in. All subscribers to this mailing
list already have accounts. If you have never logged in to My.ISUG.com
before, you can request a password reset at:
http://my.isug. com/loginsupport .php — simply enter the email
address where you have received this message and a temporary password
will be sent to you.

Thank you everyone. We look forward to reading your responses.


Mike Harrold
Executive Director
International Sybase User Group
Email: Mike.Harrold@ isug.com
Support the Sybase Community and
Join ISUG today at http://my.isug. com/join

Mike Harrold from ISUG posted the above email to the sybase-l mailing list.  Please let ISUG know why you are or aren’t an ISUG member.



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  1. GG says:

    survey for non member but requiring memebership to login?

    Is this ssurvey expired?

  2. I believe it just requires a login (almost everything on ISUG.com does. You can get a login easily and is free (ISUG.com is not my website) Membership is a different animal.

    At TechWave in 2005, ISUG launched its news Member website My.ISUG.com to great applause. Today, most ISUG content, including complete details of Sybase and ISUG Events, can be found on that site.

    While ISUG contains to maintain some information on this site, if you really want to know what’s going on, then the new Member site is the place to be. This page explains how to access the new site.

    * Members

    Members, you can login and view news and events that are relevant to you. If you have forgotten your password a new password can be emailed to you.
    * Non-Members

    Non-members may request a Guest login which is free. Events and community details are accessible by non-members, but the bulk of our technical content is not. Consider joining ISUG today to receive complete access to my.ISUG.com.]

    Please note that both cookies and javacript must be enabled to make use of the My.ISUG.com website. A cookie is used to track when you logged in (sessions expire after an hour), and if cookies are not turned on, you will be repeatedly sent to the login page. Many pages make use of javascript to display information; turning this off will lessen your experience and prevent you from reading various parts of the site.


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