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ISUG, Board of Directors and me

After talking with Mike Harold, the Executive Director of ISUG, I’ve nominated myself for one of the three Director positions on the ISUG board of directors.  I asked Mike many many questions, both on the sybase-l mailing list and in private emails. 

Mike Harrold
Posted: Sep 21, 2007 01:54 PM
To:  sybase-l@lists.isug.com
Subject:  re: How to be placed on the ballot for the next election?


Nominations can be submitted by completing the nomination form at:


But first, read the news item at:


There are qualifications for some positions that need to be met otherwise the nominations will be rejected. Obviously it is much better if people read the requirements before they nominate themselves, but that sometimes doesn’t happen…


Mike Harrold
Executive Director
International Sybase User Group
Email: Mike.Harrold@NOSPAMMING!isug.com
Support the Sybase Community and
Join ISUG today at http://my.isug.com/join

I would like to try to help ISUG and the Sybase community more than just being a member of TeamSybase and this blog.  Please vote for me when the ballots are given out.


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