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Big things afoot at Sybase, Inc.


It’s coming…

48 hours from now something big is coming!

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  1. well, I just received word that we have to wait a bit longer. no word as to how long.

  2. Jamie says:

    Any update on the big news ?

    1. Yup 🙂 Sybase has changed the format of their yearly conference Techwave. Instead of a single week long conference in an U.S. city, Sybase is going to have five mini (2 day) conferences around the world in the second half of this year. The cities haven’t been released yet as they are still being finalized. My *guess* is Sybase will have a couple conferences in the US and the other three spread out through the northern hemisphere.

      I’m not sure if the new format will be the new Techwave from now on or not. That’s where the feedback from people would come in to let Sybase know what is desired.

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