Free Sybase Power Designer 15 Viewer!

If you ever receive a Sybase Power Designer file (such as the pdm file from Jeff Tallman) but you don’t want to either purchase or install the full blown Power Designer, then I have an answer for you.  It is the Power Designer Viewer from Sybase.

While it is free, you have to fill out a form to get access to the download.  Sybase Sales will likely call you regarding purchasing a full blown version of Power Designer.  If you’re not interested in purchasing it, just tell them – Sybase Sales People are generally very nice folk. :)

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4 thoughts on “Free Sybase Power Designer 15 Viewer!

  1. Viswa

    Does anyone has PowerDesigner Viewer 15.3 or 15 to share. As this is a free product, I do not see any license issues sharing it. Sybase site has 16.1, however I need an older version.

    Thank you,


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