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For those of you that don’t know, last week I had my wisdom teeth removed. There were a few complications..

Tuesday, I took Jason to the oral surgeon’s to have all four of his wisdom teeth pulled. The surgery itself took about 45 minutes. It turned out there was a lot of infection back there, and as the doctor put it “it was messy”. The anesthesia made Jason really funny, and he took direction very well, which was nice for a bit.

However, the bleeding didn’t stop the way it should have. After a few hours of constant, continuous, copious bleeding, I called the doctor’s office again, and they had us go back in. They gave him two more stitches, and Jason finally clotted, after losing about 2 pints of blood.

We came home, and I got Jason to drink a bit of milkshake, and managed to keep him conscious until the fear of actually losing him passed.

He’s still incredibly weak and tired – mostly due to the blood loss.

My wife’s account of it

The oral surgeon wasn’t aware of how much blood was lost, neither myself or my wife were in any condition to think clearly Tuesday. I should have received a transfusion.

Nearly a week later and even though my mouth is doing fine, I’m quite low on red blood cells. Made it into the office today (wife drove) and am leaving early because the room is spinning nearly nonstop and I’m fighting to stay conscious. Going to try to see a doc today/tomorrow … maybe I’ll get some blood. If not, give me a blinkin’ straw and I”ll do it myself… Who’s A Positive around here?

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. Outpatient surgery of any sort is never very much fun.

  2. Found out what the actual cause is. It’s the Tylenol-3. The symptoms match up perfectly and since Tylenol-3 can take 5 to 6 days to flush out of the system, I have a couple more days of this and I should be back to normal. You see, I rarely take medicine (except for colds) but when I do, I generally don’t need the full dose. The Tylenol-3 was such a high dose and I was taking it three times a day as per the instructions. I should have taken Ibuprofin instead.

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