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Cat a number of files and want to know which file it is working on?

In the following example, I have 21 files that came from a raw partition that I split at 10GB intervals. I am piping that to parallel bzip2 (pbzip2) and writing it to a raw partition (logical volume). cat /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.00 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.01 \ /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.02 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.03 \ /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.04...

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Wanted: Microsoft SQL Server DBA (Chicago, IL)

Position Responsibilities Provides DBA services for Production, test, and development databases Administers and maintains the production, test, and development databases. Performs SQL code releases Reviews application designs for compliance with production acceptance requirements. Complies with IT policies and procedures, especially those for quality and productivity...

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Wanted: Entry level or Mid-level Oracle DBA (Chicago, IL)

Position Responsibilities • Manage database configurations, schemas, and space • Manage database and system alerts. • Support new application code releases / builds in various production and non-production environments • Provide performance tuning, problem research/resolution, code reviews and deployments, SQL support, and data movement •...

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KVM: virsh and virt-top

little annoyed that setting a ‘default’ connect string with virt-top and virsh is different: virsh uses the environment variable VIRSH_DEFAULT_CONNECT_URI export VIRSH_DEFAULT_CONNECT_URI=’qemu:///system’ virt-top uses the config file .virt-toprc connect qemu:///system

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