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Andrew E. Bruno: Database Design with Dia

Back in December of 2007, Andrew E. Bruno wrote an excellent article on how to use the open source program Dia to design databases.Ā  He used the resultant design to create a MySQL database but the same principles could be used to create just about...

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FW: Migration Migraines

Migration migraines: the top seven DBA data headaches Posted by Adrian Bridgwater Once or twice a year I get to work with an excellent DBA pal from Illinois called Jason Froebe who describes himself as a, ā€œPerlmonger capable of speaking fluent munchkin.ā€ His personal blog...

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Multicore processors and Sybase ASE: Jeff Tallman

When T V S Murty asked on the sybase-l mailing list about Sybase ASE, multicores and Sybase licensing, the discussion quickly drilled down to whether or not multicores were beneficial to Sybase ASE and database software in general. Jeff Tallman, of Sybase fame, described in...

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