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HOWTO: Connect to SAP Sybase IQ Multiplex using JDBC and the SQL Anywhere driver: “Connection error: TCPIP requires a server name”

SAP’s documentation, like other vendors, often sucks. In today’s wonderful documentation sucky-ness the examples from SAP to connect to IQ using a JDBC connection string like so: “jdbc:sqlanywhere:UID=***;ENG=MyIQ;PWD=***;links=tcpip(Host=MyIQ;PORT=40000)” This is fine except when you connect to IQ multiplex and you have logical servers set up....

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SAP IQ: iqinit error SQLCode: -1000338, SQLState: ‘QDD38’, Severity: 14: Insufficient cache to allocate free list SOLVED

When you create a new IQ v16 instance, you need to use the iqinit program for initial creation of the database. iqinit -iqpath '/siq/devices/main001.iq' -iqpgsize 131072 -iqblksize 16384 -p 4096 -iqtmppath '/siq/devices/temp001.iqtmp' -dba DBA,SUPER_PASSWORD -m '/siq/devices/myiq.mir' -o '/siq/log/myiq.iqmsg' -t '/siq/devices/myiq.log' -b -c '/siq/devices/myiq.db' Occasionally you...

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SAP IQ: Uptime

At some point you will be asked how long your IQ server has been up. To determine when the IQ server was started issue: SELECT PROPERTY('StartTime') Output: 2015-08-14 18:04:53.918 For the number of days, hours, and minutes we can slice and dice like so: --...

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HOWTO: SAP IQ Drop Device File from DBSpace

Sometimes when we build an IQ Data Warehouse, our initial space/growth estimate is off significantly enough to warrant reducing the size of the dbspace(s). The process is quite easy put there are a few steps to perform: Determine how much space is used by the...

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