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A Service Announcement From My Daughter Miriam

(12:31:22 PM) Rebecca: rcxgygtyooooooooooo77ody76 (12:31:33 PM) Rebecca: oro6ro66tddd’z4w/l;.dslp;/drs/ (12:31:34 PM) Rebecca: .l;xçΩl;./dfl./ (12:31:44 PM) jason_froebe: LMAO (12:31:49 PM) Rebecca: guess who? (12:31:51 PM) jason_froebe: Hi Miriam (12:32:40 PM) Rebecca: v bhv h9h9 9h ytdd g/t6 (12:33:00 PM) Rebecca: ;.///ttttttt979./79./79po7l./679l./97/…….79l7lop./l7o./.7u.ldftigk.d (12:33:02 PM) Rebecca: ./;;;;;.0 (12:33:03 PM)...

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Sybase TechWave 2008: Karaoke!

Please comment on the singers’ names please 🙂 YMCA Living on a Prayer The Lion Sleeps Tonight (part 1) The Lion Sleeps Tonight (part 2) Love Shack ??? and Christine Weber Mack the Knife Thunder Road Eric Van Patten and Millard F. Brown III Copacabana...

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