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The name Froebe is the Americanized version of the German name Fröbe. My family have been out of Germany for a number of centuries but the Fröbe part comes from the Black Forest region of Germany. Other variations of the name include: Froebel, Frobe and Froebal.

How do you pronounce Froebe? Well, it depends on the family branch. My family pronounces it as FRAY-b. I’ve heard many many different pronounciations and people can pronounce it anyway they wish, but to me it is and always will be FRAY-b. 🙂


Probably the most famous of the Fröbe’s is Gert Fröbe, the German actor that played Goldfinger in the James Bond movie Goldfinger. No, he did not speak english.

Gert Fröbe playing Auric Goldfinger

Gert Fröbe playing Auric Goldfinger

The Froebe brothers, Doug, Theodore and Nicholas, of Homewood, Manitoba, Canada built Canada’s first helicopter and ornithopter (the ornithopter never actually flew but the helicopter did!)? Did you know that the contraptions were made primarily out of bicycle parts??
Nicholas Froebe was my grandfather.


Rebecca Froebe opened Froebe Fibers with her mother, my mother-in-law, in March of 2007. They currently specialize in hand dyed sock yarn.

Froebe Fibers

In March 2007, we purchased a new house from Neuman Homes. It is a 2995 square foot monster house located just barely within Joliet, Illinois city limits. As always you can see our latest photos.

We are currently creating a family tree on Geni.com. If you’re a family member, please let me know and I’ll invite you to join the family tree on Geni.

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Jason L Froebe 10 Comments


  1. Max E Frobe says:

    Hi nice to see your website with some Frobe history !
    My grandfather was Max Frobe .
    Not long before world war 2 he got a job on a steamship . The ship did not dock so he had to swim the harbor with only the cloths on this back.
    He got a job at a brewery in Pittsburg that was owned by relatives.
    He had a son Max C Frobe who moved to California where i was born.
    I guess i am Max the 3rd , i currently live in Canada.
    Hope this is of some help to the family tree.

  2. Edmund says:

    Yes, I admired the helicopter. The helicopter was well designed. It’s amazing how this family can build a helicopter only with limited technology.

    1. Gloria Moore says:

      Theodore Froebe was my father. Do you live in Canada? When did you see the helicopter? Gloria

  3. Barbara Denno says:

    I am not a descendant of the Froebe family, but step-mother to Shannon and Scotia Miller, descendants of Douglas Froebe’s daughter, Judy. I have been working on their family tree and would appreciate the opportunity to view your family tree. I would also be happy to contribute/update information on Doug’s line. Thank you, Barb

    1. Gloria Moore says:

      Hello. Dear Barbara, Doug Froebe was my Uncle and Shannon and Scotia’s mother was my cousin. I have put together a Froebe family tree and Shannon and Scotia have a copy of it. Have you seen the binder? Please let me know. Gloria Moore (nee Froebe)

  4. Pierre says:

    Nice site! I am delighted to be visiting your site and read the interesting information that you post. This is great because I can to see your website with some Frobe history. I and my dad liked the Frobe history. And I was very impressed with this helicopter. In my opinion, this helicopter very well designed.

  5. Shaun Pendergast says:

    I recently went to the Western Canada Aviation Museum and saw the Frobe brother’s helicopter. Very interesting! Correct me if I’m wrong but I heard Nicholas died in some kind of accident with their experiments? What happened to Doug and Theodore after they were done with helicopters?

    1. Gloria Moore says:

      My father Theodore died when I was three years old. In1943 he was trying some loops on the plane and crashed when he didn’t make the third loop. Doug lived a long life. I can’t remember when he died. If I remember correctly Nicholas died spraying his farm fields. Gloria Moore (nee Froebe)

  6. Don Carlson says:

    I have been volunteering at the Western Canada Aviation Museum. I am amazed at the Froebe Helicopter. Those 3 brothers were geniuses. If they could have had more education just think what they could have done. I walk past the helicopter on display at WCAM and never stop thinking of the intricate design and that it actually flew. The blades were extended to 28 feet and that gave them lift of 5 feet of the ground..

  7. Roy Froebe says:

    We are a branch of the family who pronounces our name differently the FRAY-b. We pronounce it Fro- be. My grandfather was from Star, Ohio. His name was John Albert Froebe. Grandpa ended up in Akron, Ohio.

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