How To: Fix Nick Berlette’s excellent Redirect Plugin for WordPress 2.6 and higher

by Jason L Froebe on February 19, 2010, no comments

The static pages (like Store) are working again.  I’ve had to fix the redirect plugin by Nick Berlette.  If you want it to work with your modern WordPress blog (2.6 or higher) you just need to change a tiny bit. Remove this: require_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . ‘/wp-config.php’); Replace with: $root = dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)))); if (file_exists($root.’/wp-load.php’)) { require_once($root.’/wp-load.php’); } […]

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FW: Wesley McGrew’s forensics class lecture on ext2/3 (Linux)

by Jason L Froebe on December 2, 2008, one comment

I was looking for the exact differences between the Linux file systems EXT2 and EXT3, other than journaling, when I came across Wesley McGrew’s lecture about ext2/3 forensics.  Keep in mind the lecture should be thought of as an Introduction to ext2/3 forensics. It should be helpful for forensics or to retrieve data from a […]

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Vote for Adrian Bridgwater for Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 08

by Jason L Froebe on July 14, 2008, 2 comments

Not only is Adrian Bridgwater a blogger for ZDNet UK’s Core Techs, he is the editor for the ISUG Technical Journal.  He has been nominated for a Computer Weekly IT Blog Award.  Please go cast a vote for our Adrian! Computer Weekly IT Blog Award -> Programming and technical blogs -> Adrian Bridgwater: Software application […]

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FW (David Wein): Looking for feedback: logical process manager

by Jason L Froebe on July 10, 2008, 3 comments

David Wein is a well known and highly respected engineer at Sybase working on Adaptive Server Enterprise.  I’m reposting his blog article here to help increase the exposure of his request for comments: I am working on a future version of ASE and am interested in hearing about your experiences with the logical process manager […]

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The Big Road and a Nut

by Jason L Froebe on June 13, 2008, no comments

My dad is an Owner-Operator of his own 18 wheel rig.  Anything that involves my dad I’m usually pretty facinated by it: Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered the blog The Big Road and a Nut run by “thenose“.  He is a big time Linux user and a truck driver.  Who can’t love […]

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