Want a free ebook? Java Application Development on Linux

Nikesh Jauhari over on the Linux Poison blog, posted about the free eBook – Java Application Development on Linux, a 599 page ebook from informIT. Yeah, when you download the book, you will need to give informIT your contact info. If you don’t want to, you could probably just use an email address that you don’t use except for such registration things.

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Started reading “Foundations of Qt Development”

When I purchased Foundations of Qt Development (Expert’s Voice in Open Source) by Johan Thelin a few months back, I hoped to get to it right away but work and life diverted my attention. Today at lunch I dived into it. Even though I’m still going through chapter 1, I think I can give a hint of it:

Foundations of Qt® Development (Expert’s Voice in Open Source) is well written. He assumes that you have a little bit of C++ knowledge, avoiding into the trap that so many other authors do. You wouldn’t believe how many technical books I have where the first half or more of the book is simply a rehash of the basics. Forget that!

What I really like is that when he shows you an example of code, he explains why you would want to write it this way and how it differs from the Standard Template Language (STL – see C++ Programming Language, The (3rd Edition)). Where there are performance gains or penalties of using Qt instead of STL, he demonstrates it.

I never realized just how easy it is to write C++ using the Qt framework! Just the Signals and Slots alone make it very very powerful and that’s just the beginning. I’m completely blown away 🙂

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Introducing QweryBuilder, a Developer GUI for Sybase ASE, SQL Anywhere, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle 10g/11g

qwerybuilder_reflectedimageQweryBuilder uses innovative ideas to provide developers with the ability to easily insert, extract and modify data from a variety of databases.

The goal of QweryBuilder is to increase a database developer’s productivity. It contains many time saving features.

SQL Editor

QweryBuilder - SQL Editor

QweryBuilder - SQL Editor

  • Script auto complete
  • Custom auto complete lists
  • Code Templates
  • Display column list for tables and views in editor
  • Display procedure parameters in editor
  • Keyboard shortcut to open procedures
  • Generate and insert new GUIDs
  • Syntax folding
  • Auto indenting

Criteria Query

QweryBuilder - Criteria Query

QweryBuilder - Criteria Query

  • Form view criteria screen for easy data retrieval
  • Updateable result set
    • Insert nulls, GUID’s, and computed values into results
    • Insert, delete and update data rows
    • Generate insert statements from results
    • Create graphs from result data

Graphic Query

QweryBuilder - Graphic Query

QweryBuilder - Graphic Query

  • Create queries graphically
  • Cross table querying without writing SQL

Other Features

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, SQL Anywhere and Oracle
  • DDL Browser
  • Database Search
  • Visual Difference
  • Code Formatter
  • Getting Started Window
    • Displays last used connections, files and database objects
    • Easily navigate to the last thing you were working on
  • Clipboard Saver
  • File Browser
  • Object Browser
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FW: Learn to Love SQL Development Webcast (Sybase Workspace)

From the Sybase Workspace 2.0 team:

Thursday, February 14, 2008
1:00 pm EDT / 10:00 am PDT

Join us on Valentine’s Day and you will learn how to:

  • Visually debug stored procedures and triggers
  • Visually create and edit tables, stored procedures and events
  • Navigate and manipulate database objects in the enterprise
  • Export and import database objects and services to database server

Don’t forget to sign up for the webcast! 🙂  Sybase will send the dial in/web address to your email so you can participate.

I’m not sure if this is the same presentation as Sybase WorkSpace for ASE:  Learn to Love SQL Development Webinar that was hosted by Samir Nigam, Director of Engineering at Sybase, last month.

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