FW: Full Circle Magazine issue 22 is out!

The folks over at Full Circle Magazine have release yet another issue 🙂

  • Full Circle Magazine Issue 22

    Full Circle Magazine Issue 22

    Command and Conquer – Resizing Images With FFMPEG.

  • How-To : Program in C – Part 6, Web Development – Part 3,
  • Installing CrunchEEE To The EEE PC, and Spreading Ubuntu.
  • My Story – Making The Switch
  • Book Review – Ubuntu For Non-Geeks 3rd Edition
  • MOTU Interview – Emanuele Gentili
  • Top 5 – DVD Rippers
  • PLUS: all the usual goodness…
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FW EmmaJane.net: Making Change Happen

When I read the first article of Emma Jane Hogbin‘s “Making Change Happen” in Full Circle Magazine’s “Ubuntu Women” column, I was quite impressed.  Having to learn more about what she has to offer to technical knowledge I moseyed (sp?) on over to her website.

Making Change Happen

Posted by emmajane on Tue, 07/01/2008 – 17:08

Emma Jane Hogbin

Emma Jane Hogbin

This article was originally published in Full Circle Magazine as a series of five articles.

Part One: Goals

The challenge with change is knowing where to start. In this five-part series we will look at the process of how the Ubuntu Women team is making change happen. Topics will include: goal setting, action items, areas of responsibility, evaluation and volunteer retention.

Read more….

Her articles vary from Ubuntu Linux usage, development, project management (see her Making Change Happen article above), knitting, design, and much more.  With everything she’s working on, I swear she must have five clones to keep everything going.

Emma, good job!  🙂

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