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SAP Sybase IQ and ODBC (Linux/UNIX)

Connecting to SAP Sybase’s IQ server shouldn’t be scary but the documentation leaves a lot to be desired. Log on to your favorite Linux or Unix box and make sure you source the IQ.sh file wherever you installed the software. Let’s use the following hypothetical...

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SAP Sybase IQ: How many connections are in use? SOLVED

Very simple question. Very simple answer. select @@max_connections as 'max_connections', count(*) as 'active_connections', (1 - (@@max_connections - count(*)) / convert(numeric, @@max_connections)) * 100 as 'percent_active' from sp_iqconnection(); Output: max_connections active_connections percent_active --------------- ------------------ --------------------- 350 68 19.4286 @@max_ connections: For the network server, the maximum...

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