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Informatica dropping Sybase ASE for repositories?

Joe Buhl over on ISUG‘s SIG-ASE mailing list posted a rather interesting note about Informatica: An Informatica product manager Informed me they were considering dropping support for ASE as a repository. Please contact me if you run Informatica and have ASE as a repository. Joe...

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FW: Migration Migraines

Migration migraines: the top seven DBA data headaches Posted by Adrian Bridgwater Once or twice a year I get to work with an excellent DBA pal from Illinois called Jason Froebe who describes himself as a, “Perlmonger capable of speaking fluent munchkin.” His personal blog...

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Anne Walker wins Sybase’s video contest!

From the official announcement: A video featuring an intrepid corporate reporter and her real-time hunt for her on-the-move CEO was the winner of the Sybase “How We Did It” Video Challenge. “Finding Jono,” created by Anne Walker of St George Bank, Treasury & Valorem Systems...

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