PODCAST: “Too Jewish with Rabbi Sam Cohon and Friends” RSS feed working again

by Jason L Froebe on December 27, 2010, no comments

A while ago I wrote a Perl script that would create a RSS feed so I could listen to the podcast outside of iTunes (e.g. Miro).  It stopped a few months back when I moved servers.  It’s working again. Can’t find a working RSS feed for the “Too Jewish with Rabbi Cohon” podcast? Here is […]

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How to create an iTunes/iPod compatible audiobook (MPEG4 m4b) on Linux using MP4Box and mp4v2 v1.9.1 – it can be done!

by Jason L Froebe on December 24, 2009, 23 comments

I’ve been wracking my brains over this for the past few weeks and it finally struck me how to create an m4b audiobook with chapters that is compatible with your iPod, iTunes, VLC, etc.  It was very simple once I figured it out: Step 1: encode the mp3 files to “aac” (mpeg4) using your favorite […]

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Want to upgrade your iTunes DRM’d music (m4p,aac) to non-DRM legally? Check out iTunes 8

by Jason L Froebe on July 6, 2009, 8 comments

In iTunes 8, Apple has mentioned in their “What’s New in iTunes 8” that it is possible to upgrade your iTunes music to non-DRM’d for a small fee.  Great! I purchased quite a bit of music from the iTunes store when I ran WinXP as my primary desktop.  Now I can legally convert them to […]

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Fast Foward Radio – a positive take on the future with Phil Bowermaster & Stephen Gordon

by Jason L Froebe on January 12, 2009, no comments

I recently came across Fast Forward Radio by Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon.  I hope you enjoy their podcast as much as I do Tune in every Sunday evening for a positive take on the future with Phil Bowermaster, Stephen Gordon, and some of the most fascinating people helping to shape the world that’s coming.

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