So you want to tweet to Twitter from *WITHIN* Oracle 11g? Here’s how!

Lewis Cunningham Twitterhas once again given us a gem from the world of Oracle’s relational DBMS!  This time, he has written ORA_Tweet, an API to send/receive Tweets (microblog posts) from within Oracle 11g.  Major kudos to Lewis Cunningham for writing and releasing ORA Tweet to 🙂

Call the Twitter API from within an Oracle database. ORA_Tweet uses the UTL_HTTP API within Oracle to call the update_status API. It is written completely in PL/SQL.

So, my question is…  Will someone write a Flickr API for Sybase ASE?

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FW: Oracle 10g+ Security and Audit – Part 1

Over at the Database Geek Blog, Lewis Cunningham has provided the first of three blog posts on Oracle Security.  The first post is well done IMHO:

Oracle 10g+ Security and Audit – Part 1Oracle

This is a three-part definition of Oracle Security (specifically in 10g but applies to later versions also). Part 1 covers the various types of security Oracle provides. Part 2 deals with Users/Schemas, Roles, Permissions and Data Access. Part 2 will be a more technical discussion than parts 1 or 3. In part 3, I will discuss implementing an Oracle auditing scheme and how to ensure you comply with security and audit regulations.

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