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You installed Commodore 64 Emulator Vice (x64) and you can’t type in it? Fixing the “Cannot load keymap ‘x11_sym.vkm'” error

See the "About VICE" command for more info. XRandR: XRandR reports current display: 1600x900@60 Loading system file `/home/jason/.vice/C64/kernal'. C64MEM: Kernal rev #3. Loading system file `/home/jason/.vice/C64/basic'. Loading system file `/home/jason/.vice/C64/chargen'. Loading system file `/home/jason/.vice/PRINTER/mps803'. Error - ROM /home/jason/.vice/PRINTER/mps803: short file. MPS-803: Error - Could not...

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Mapping Linux LVM and Raw partitions

Scenerio: We need to determine what device a raw partition resides on and the size of the partition.  We know that this box uses the Linux Volume Manager (LVM). Solution: Getting this information is easy if you are root or have the /usr/bin/raw binary set...

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