Asher & Miriam sing along

by Jason L Froebe on January 20, 2010, no comments

Yeah, it’s Who Better Than Me by Phil Collins with the Turk and Tarzan names changed but it covers just about any two closely aged siblings IMHO: Miriam You’re one of a kind, I can’t explain it. You’re kind of cool, in a wonderful way. Though you’re weird, you can make it. And who better […]

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A Service Announcement From My Daughter Miriam

by Jason L Froebe on March 10, 2009, no comments

(12:31:22 PM) Rebecca: rcxgygtyooooooooooo77ody76 (12:31:33 PM) Rebecca: oro6ro66tddd’z4w/l;.dslp;/drs/ (12:31:34 PM) Rebecca: .l;xçΩl;./dfl./ (12:31:44 PM) jason_froebe: LMAO (12:31:49 PM) Rebecca: guess who? (12:31:51 PM) jason_froebe: Hi Miriam (12:32:40 PM) Rebecca: v bhv h9h9 9h ytdd g/t6 (12:33:00 PM) Rebecca: ;.///ttttttt979./79./79po7l./679l./97/…….79l7lop./l7o./.7u.ldftigk.d (12:33:02 PM) Rebecca: ./;;;;;.0 (12:33:03 PM) Rebecca: 0; (12:33:03 PM) Rebecca: /0.; (12:33:04 PM) Rebecca: /0-;./;0-./ […]

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Snow Baby!

by Jason L Froebe on January 10, 2009, no comments

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FW from My daughter’s first sled ride

by Jason L Froebe on December 28, 2008, no comments

Miriam got a fantastic Hanukah present from her daddy. She loves it, and had a great time being pulled around, first by Uncle Nate, then by Zaydee (grandpa), and finally by daddy.  They stayed on the lawn and sidewalk, and she giggled and laughed! Then Daddy accidentally took a turn a little fast. If it […]

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My daughter, Miriam, is one year old today!

by Jason L Froebe on December 17, 2008, no comments

Happy birthday Miriam!

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