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Asher & Miriam sing along

Yeah, it’s Who Better Than Me by Phil Collins with the Turk and Tarzan names changed but it covers just about any two closely aged siblings IMHO: Miriam You’re one of a kind, I can’t explain it. You’re kind of cool, in a wonderful way....

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A Service Announcement From My Daughter Miriam

(12:31:22 PM) Rebecca: rcxgygtyooooooooooo77ody76 (12:31:33 PM) Rebecca: oro6ro66tddd’z4w/l;.dslp;/drs/ (12:31:34 PM) Rebecca: .l;xçΩl;./dfl./ (12:31:44 PM) jason_froebe: LMAO (12:31:49 PM) Rebecca: guess who? (12:31:51 PM) jason_froebe: Hi Miriam (12:32:40 PM) Rebecca: v bhv h9h9 9h ytdd g/t6 (12:33:00 PM) Rebecca: ;.///ttttttt979./79./79po7l./679l./97/…….79l7lop./l7o./.7u.ldftigk.d (12:33:02 PM) Rebecca: ./;;;;;.0 (12:33:03 PM)...

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