How to resize a Gdk.Pixbuf to the size of a Gtk.Image visible area

by Jason L Froebe on January 12, 2010, 2 comments

I wrote a simple image viewer that will load a photo image into a Gtk.Image widget using a Gdk.Pixbuf.  I then added a tool bar with four clickable icons.  Zoom out, zoom in, fit to window and original size. All but the fit to window worked well.  When I pulled the width and height from […]

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For those of you on Facebook and are interested in PowerBuilder….

by Jason L Froebe on January 6, 2010, one comment

Subject: Old PowerBuilder Facebook page deactivated Hi Everyone, Happy new year! As of today, the old PowerBuilder facebook page is deactivated. Please be sure to become a fan of PowerBuilder here: Go PB!!

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Reinstalling Beagle on Ubuntu 8.04 causes System.DllNotFoundException libgalago error

by Jason L Froebe on June 6, 2008, no comments

A while back I removed the Beagle and Tracker desktop search engines from my Ubuntu 8.04.  As I’ve been consolidating more and more information into my home directory, I thought I would be able to simply install Beagle. Boy was I wrong!  When I started up beagle search, I was rewarded with it dying on […]

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PowerBuilder 11.2 is coming out shortly

by Jason L Froebe on March 20, 2008, 3 comments

Speed in Development. Speed in Deployment. Speed in Performance. PowerBuilder 11.2 will be available shortly and we are holding a Web seminar with John Strano to highlight the key features of this release. During this Web seminar, John will show you the new capabilities found in PowerBuilder 11.2 that bring increased performance to your mission-critical […]

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New developers for Sybase’s Powerbuilder 11?

by Jason L Froebe on November 13, 2007, 4 comments

There still seems to be a steep learning curve when it comes to Sybase’s PowerBuilder. In this specific case, PB11 is no easier. What *I* personally would like to see is: step by step online tutorials to create a multitude of projects – from simple ‘hello world’ applications to database connected applications to .NET to […]

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