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Adding TCP Keepalive Support to DBD::Sybase perl module

I’ve created a patch to enable support for CS_CON_KEEPALIVE (TCP keepalive packet SO_KEEPALIVE) in the DBD::Sybase v1.07 code. This will send an empty TCP keepalive ‘packet’ to the remote server. "KeepAlive sets the value of the Sybase CT-Lib connection property CS_CON_KEEPALIVE to true or false....

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How to reconnect a dead DBD::Sybase Connection

It is important to know that this is just one method of reconnecting a dead connection.  Note that we are handling the errors manually for the individual query.  It wouldn’t take much to create a db_exec subroutine so we just call the db_exec() subroutine and...

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Perl DBD::Sybase and signal handling

There appears to a bug with DBD::Sybase or perhaps Sybase OpenClient ctlib (threaded) that causes custom signal handlers to segfault.  This tripped up a monitoring script that I wrote. I’ve asked the perl module maintainer, Michael Peppler, whether this is a DBD::Sybase bug or an...

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