Oracle RDBMS: Easily determine what parameters are set to using sqlplus without Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)

by Jason L Froebe on March 5, 2014, no comments

This is probably unnecessary for many of the Oracle RDBMS gray beards out there but if you’re asked to provide the number of client connections. Just fire up sqlplus or whatever tool of choice: SQL> show parameter sessions NAME TYPE VALUE ———————————— ———– —————————— java_max_sessionspace_size integer 0 java_soft_sessionspace_limit integer 0 license_max_sessions integer 0 license_sessions_warning integer […]

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HOWTO: List users that perform os authentication to log into the Oracle database instance (external users)

by Jason L Froebe on January 15, 2014, no comments

Oracle will require you to configure the Oracle RDBMS to use operating system authentication but if you inherit an Oracle instance, you will want to disable os authentication when possible. When the OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX is set, any os user that is created with “IDENTIFIED EXTERNALLY” will have the prefix. For example, in the below example, the […]

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FW: Hardening the Oracle 11g Database – Initial Steps (Kevin Sheehan)

by Jason L Froebe on December 9, 2013, no comments

Kevin Sheehan wrote how to harden the Oracle 11g RDBMS. I highly recommend it: The following is a basic set of hardening guidelines for an Oracle 11g database along with some scripts you may find useful. This list is by no means complete. It does not cover file permissions, authentication controls and user profiles, encryption, […]

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HowTo: List locked, expired and to expire dates for Oracle logins query for sqlplus/scripting

by Jason L Froebe on December 6, 2013, one comment

set pagesize 5000 set linesize 999 set trimspool on column “Expire Date” format a20 column “Locked Date” format a20 select gn.GLOBAL_NAME as “Instance”, du.username, du.expiry_date as “Expire Date”, du.account_status, du.lock_date as “Locked Date”, du.profile, dp.limit as “Profile Password Expiration” from dba_users du, global_name gn, dba_profiles dp where (du.account_status IN ( ‘OPEN’, ‘LOCKED’ ) OR du.account_status […]

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