Cat a number of files and want to know which file it is working on?

by Jason L Froebe on November 28, 2011, no comments

In the following example, I have 21 files that came from a raw partition that I split at 10GB intervals. I am piping that to parallel bzip2 (pbzip2) and writing it to a raw partition (logical volume). cat /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.00 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.01 \ /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.02 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.03 \ /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.04 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.05 \ /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.06 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.07 \ /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.08 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.09 \ /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.10 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.11 […]

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