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Sybase Sysam License Type Codes

Yuval Malchi over on the ISUG sybase-l mailing list provided the following codes for Sybase’s Sysam (FlexLM): License Type What the License Type Represents SS Standalone Seat DT Development and Testing MB Mainframe Base MU Millions of Service Units CP CPU License FL Floating License...

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Replication Server Exception List Deleter (updated)

As you may remember, my good friend Ken Rearick created an excellent stored procedure, rs_del_all_exception, that safely clears out old exceptions from the RSSD database. Ken has just sent an updated version to me. B-) IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.rs_del_exception') IS NOT NULL BEGIN DROP PROCEDURE dbo.rs_del_exception IF...

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FW Ken Rearick: repserver exception list/deleter

My good friend Ken Rearick wrote a rather clever little stored procedure for managing all the exceptions that are raised in the life of a Sybase Replication Server.  He posted this on sybase.public.rep-server a few days ago: This is a rewriten rs_delexception script that will...

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Sybase Replication Server: ignoring duplicate keys

Sybase’s Replication Server allows you to replicate data entry from one database into another (there can be more than one replicate database).  They don’t necessarily have to be even from the same vendor. Duplicate rows will occur when an application inserts data into the primary...

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Sybase TechWave 2006: Replication Server

I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual Sybase TechWave Conference at Caesar’s Palace.  The main entertainment will be a private showing of Penn & Teller.  Woohoo! This year, I’m primarily focusing on Replication Server.  Increasing the performance is of keen interest to me as...

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