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Wanted: SAP manuals in ePub format

Every time SAP comes out with a new set of pdf manuals, the meta data has to be corrected. Often the stored titles, description, etc are wildly wrong. Very sloppy and unprofessional for a mega corp the size of SAP. The ePub book format has...

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SAP Sybase IQ: How many connections are in use? SOLVED

Very simple question. Very simple answer. select @@max_connections as 'max_connections', count(*) as 'active_connections', (1 - (@@max_connections - count(*)) / convert(numeric, @@max_connections)) * 100 as 'percent_active' from sp_iqconnection(); Output: max_connections active_connections percent_active --------------- ------------------ --------------------- 350 68 19.4286 @@max_ connections: For the network server, the maximum...

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SAP Sybase IQ: Index Advisor for a user

There are times when you need individual users the ability to determine what indexes are suggested by the index advisor but you don’t want or are unable to give them full dba access. All you need to do is grant the execute permission on the...

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