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Having trouble starting ASE 12.5 / 15 on Linux with multiple engines?

If you’re getting error messages similar to: 01:00000:00000:2007/05/04 19:09:10.28 kernel os_attach_region: shmat(425984): Invalid argument 01:00000:00000:2007/05/04 19:09:10.28 kernel kbattach: couldn't attach to Kernel region 01:00000:00000:2007/05/04 19:09:10.28 kernel kestartup: couldn't attach to shared memory: -ONLINE:1,0,0xf500c2b8, 0x413ea000, 0x76c00000, 0x1159 00:00000:00000:2007/05/04 19:09:10.28 kernel engine 1, os pid 27586 exited...

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Replication Server Exception List Deleter (updated)

As you may remember, my good friend Ken Rearick created an excellent stored procedure, rs_del_all_exception, that safely clears out old exceptions from the RSSD database. Ken has just sent an updated version to me. B-) IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.rs_del_exception') IS NOT NULL BEGIN DROP PROCEDURE dbo.rs_del_exception IF...

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