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Replication Server Exception List Deleter (updated)

As you may remember, my good friend Ken Rearick created an excellent stored procedure, rs_del_all_exception, that safely clears out old exceptions from the RSSD database. Ken has just sent an updated version to me. B-) IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.rs_del_exception') IS NOT NULL BEGIN DROP PROCEDURE dbo.rs_del_exception IF...

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Should “return” reset @@error?

Drew Montgomery brought the fact that Sybase ASE’s sp_password stored procedure raises the appropriate error message if it is unable to update the password of a login then returns "1" indicating a failure: /* ** Encrypt and store the input @new_password. ** @caller_password will be...

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Eliminating Temp Table Usage in sp__diskdevice

The sp__diskdevice code from Ed Barlow was written 11 years and there are a number of issues that need addressing: Unnecessary use of temporary tables (#tablename) that can lead to lock contention in the system tables tempdb..sysobjects, tempdb..sysindexes, and tempdb..syscolumns. It doesn’t handle the logical...

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FW Ken Rearick: repserver exception list/deleter

My good friend Ken Rearick wrote a rather clever little stored procedure for managing all the exceptions that are raised in the life of a Sybase Replication Server.  He posted this on sybase.public.rep-server a few days ago: This is a rewriten rs_delexception script that will...

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