HOWTO: Install SAP Sybase Control Center 3.2.7 on Windows 8

SAP/Sybase doesn’t SAP Sybaseofficially support running SCC on Windows 8. This seems to be more of an issue with the InstallShield installer. Seriously, why do people still use InstallShield??

If you try installing SCC 3.2x on Windows 8, you’ll get a nasty error when you run setup.exe or setupconsole.exe:



You *can* install and run SCC 3.2.x on Windows 8 if you are willing to run the 32bit version of SCC. You will need to install Microsoft C++ 2005 SP1 x86.

Next, open a cmd.exe as Administrator and run “setup.exe -i gui”

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Where is Sybase Central for IQ?? Get Sybase Central for IQ before it is removed forever more



SAP/Sybase’s bold move of an Oracle Enterprise Manager clone, aka, Sybase Control Center (SCC) has been, well, not so good in the sense of being usable. It is currently undergoing a complete rewrite so until then, if you want to use Sybase Central in lieu of SCC, you will need to download Sybase IQ 15.2.

When you install it, choose Custom Install

Custom Install

then deselect Sybase IQ Server and select Sybase Central.

Unselect Sybase IQ Server

We can download Sybase IQ 15.2 evaluation software edition using the below links
Platform: Windows

Platform: Linux x86-64
Platform: Linux-Power

On Windows after installation, you will find Sybase Central in your Start -> All Programs -> Sybase -> Sybase IQ 15.2 -> Sybase Central Java Edition


Please note that Sybase Central v6.0 will NOT work with IQ.

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Sybase Control Center and SAP

Now that SAP is exerting control over the policies and procedures within Sybase, will Sybase Control Center be



redesigned to be usable?  I mean, it appears to be only partially implemented, provides no historical information, limited performance metrics, no ability to create reports, allows only one ‘user’ at a time, et cetera.  I know in the past, a certain Sybase Partner had a temper tantrum when Sybase demonstrated SCC at TechWave.  (I was in the room when one of the reps had the fit), so will SAP be able to push back and design/develop Sybase Control Center into something useful?

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