What is with the ISUG Enhancements versus Sybase CR/Bugs on the sybase-product-futures mailing list?

by Jason L Froebe on July 15, 2008, one comment

In the MSA and System transactions performedby maint user thread on the sybase-product-futures mailing list, Jeff Tallman mentions that someone needs to create an ISUG enhancement or a Sybase change request (CR).  Mike Harrold let everyone know that even through creating a Sybase CR is put in the Sybase engineering queue, it doesn’t mean that […]

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FW (David Wein): Looking for feedback: logical process manager

by Jason L Froebe on July 10, 2008, 3 comments

David Wein is a well known and highly respected engineer at Sybase working on Adaptive Server Enterprise.  I’m reposting his blog article here to help increase the exposure of his request for comments: I am working on a future version of ASE and am interested in hearing about your experiences with the logical process manager […]

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