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HOWTO: Connect to SAP Sybase IQ Multiplex using JDBC and the SQL Anywhere driver: “Connection error: TCPIP requires a server name”

SAP’s documentation, like other vendors, often sucks. In today’s wonderful documentation sucky-ness the examples from SAP to connect to IQ using a JDBC connection string like so: “jdbc:sqlanywhere:UID=***;ENG=MyIQ;PWD=***;links=tcpip(Host=MyIQ;PORT=40000)” This is fine except when you connect to IQ multiplex and you have logical servers set up....

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SAP IQ: Uptime

At some point you will be asked how long your IQ server has been up. To determine when the IQ server was started issue: SELECT PROPERTY('StartTime') Output: 2015-08-14 18:04:53.918 For the number of days, hours, and minutes we can slice and dice like so: --...

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HOWTO: SAP IQ Drop Device File from DBSpace

Sometimes when we build an IQ Data Warehouse, our initial space/growth estimate is off significantly enough to warrant reducing the size of the dbspace(s). The process is quite easy put there are a few steps to perform: Determine how much space is used by the...

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SAP Sybase IQ and ODBC (Linux/UNIX)

Connecting to SAP Sybase’s IQ server shouldn’t be scary but the documentation leaves a lot to be desired. Log on to your favorite Linux or Unix box and make sure you source the IQ.sh file wherever you installed the software. Let’s use the following hypothetical...

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