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Partitioned tables and update statistics

Did you know that if you have a partitioned table, that running your normal update statistics or update index statistics does not update the statistics for the partitions?  Many dbas forget to perform update partition statistics on their partitions.  Sadly, neither Sybase or Rob Verschoor...

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Eliminating Temp Table Usage in sp__dbspace

The sp__dbspace code from Ed Barlow was written 11 years and there are a number of issues that need addressing: Unnecessary use of temporary tables (#tablename) that can lead to lock contention in the system tables tempdb..sysobjects, tempdb..sysindexes, and tempdb..syscolumns. It doesn’t handle the logical...

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bit wise operations within ASE are still host dependent

On August 11th in the newsgroup sybase.public.ase.general, Tartampion raised the issue that ASE’s bitwise operations were not platform independent. When we run the statement "select 0 | 0x00000020" on 2 of our servers, we obtain different results 1: sun Solaris Sybase version: Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.3/EBF...

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