Sybase’s PowerBuilder v12 is powerful, .NET based, and wonderful! Why you shouldn’t use it

by Jason L Froebe on August 27, 2009, 15 comments

The following is MY perception of Sybase’s PowerBuilder: Years ago PowerBuilder was king.  No one could touch it.  It was relatively inexpensive.  Microsoft’s Visual Basic matured and the Pascal based Borland’s Delphi was released.  Then it fell and fall it did. As it was falling from the throne Sybase purchased Powersoft, makers of PowerBuilder.  As […]

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New developers for Sybase’s Powerbuilder 11?

by Jason L Froebe on November 13, 2007, 4 comments

There still seems to be a steep learning curve when it comes to Sybase’s PowerBuilder. In this specific case, PB11 is no easier. What *I* personally would like to see is: step by step online tutorials to create a multitude of projects – from simple ‘hello world’ applications to database connected applications to .NET to […]

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